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I've got access to a variety of different terrains and grounds although this can vary depending on time of the year. The areas covers anything from simple grass fields to moorland, rivers, ponds, hills, woods, fences and of course stone walls of various hights.


Whether you'd like to book a 1-2-1 lesson or get a few people together for a morning's training, you're always welcome to get in touch and we'll get you booked in!

HPR training event, Friday 29/07-16 & Saturday 30/07-16 with CHRISTINE DUE, 4 times individual winner of the World Championship Skt. Hubertus.


This is a chance to learn from the very best! Both days are limited to 8 dog handler spaces but it's possible to come along as an observer on both days.  The 29th is for Novice level dogs and the 30th is for more Advanced dogs. **** ALL HANDLER SPACES NOW FULLY BOOKED - only  observer spaces left for both days so please get in touch if you'd like to reserve a space ****.


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Training here is slightly different; groups are smaller compared to many other group training events and some events here may also sometimes consist of some theory designed to give the participants a better understanding about various training issues.


The area here is extremely dog friendly and well behaved dogs are allowed in pubs as well as in most holiday cottages and B&B's - the local pub do allow dogs in the rooms!


Special training events includes Introduction to Picking-Up, a 2 day course set up and run on behalf of BASC, Training clinics and guest speaker abroad plus arranging training days with other UK trainers or with trainers from abroad.


Walked up rabbit training day.