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*** ALL SOLD ***


I've chosen to use Gibbs because of his super temperament and because he compliments my bitch so well so I'm really looking forward to follow this litter.

FTCH Bringwood Bobby of Brindlebay x Tirkeeran Carron (2004)


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All puppies are KC-registered, fully wormed, microchipped and vet health checked before leaving. As a help and to make sure the puppy is getting the very best, a big bag of ESSENTIAL PUPPY  food is provided with each puppy - Read all about the feed here:  


The price of a puppy is always the same irrespectively of sex or colour. A deposit of £150 is required to reserve a puppy.


** All litters are KC endorsed  which will be removed when the dog has been hip, elbow & BVA eye tested with results meeting recommened breed guidelines.  **


Contender puppies are sold to shooting homes, trialling homes, active pet homes but also as detection dogs. They've found new homes across the UK but also abroad. Working homes will always get priority.


Should you be interested in a puppy, please get in touch as puppies are often booked/reserved before they're born.


As we're now in a situation where more and more DNA tests become available some will have more relevance for certain lines than others which means that the dogs will not necessary always have been tested for every single condition.  Remember that you can now look up any dog and it's health test results absolutely FREE on MyKC (link below).


Here are some useful links where you can read more about health:




Basswood Intrepid x Tirkeeran Carron (2005)

Druimmuir Drake of Contender x Tirkeeran Carron (2007)

Druimmuir Drake of Contender x Tirkeeran Carron (2009)

Samuel Blackmark x Contender Chilli (2009)

FTCH Artistryn Jay x Contender Chilli (2010)

FTCH Tasco Monk of Mansengreen x Contender Chilli (2011)

FTW Jobeshill Magnus x Contender Chilli (2012)

Contender Cassanova x Squareclose Olivia of Contender (2014)

Contender Cassanova x Spiralline Tarango of Contender (2014)

FTW Stauntonvales Mr Grey x Squareclose Olivia of Contender (2015)

FTW Quarnford Grouse of Rufriver x Spiralline Tarango of Contender ( 2015)

Puppy from a previous litter 

FTW Tweedshot Teddy x Squareclose Olivia of Contender ( 2016)

BRIGBURN KIT CARSON (GIBBS) - The chosen stud dog for the 2018 litter  


PLANNED LITTER 2018:   **** ALL SOLD****

CONTENDER CHROME (SCAPA) had her litter the 28th of April -  ALL BLACK!   The stud dog for this litter is BRIGBURN KIT CARSON  which has been chosen for his sound temperament as well as good looks and adding a bit of size to the puppies.

BITCH puppy , 6  weeks old - Brigburn Kit Carson x Contender Chrome  


Laurenco Red Flame of Hallowgate x  Contender Chrome (2017)